Updated 23. May 2023

The Danish product standard

DANISH Product Standard is the assurance of the Industry association that the pork production maintains specific standards.

The DANISH Product Standard is founded on five key elements: Responsibility, Quality, Safety, Innovation and the Consumer. These epitomise both the working practices and aspirations of the Danish pig industry.

The DANISH-concept sets high standards to produce pork and bacon products, reflecting both technical know-how and an ability to influence key quality parameters throughout an integrated production chain.

The application of this knowledge allows us to set high and meaningful standards in key areas affecting product quality, taste and safety as well as meeting the requirements for ethical and sustainable production.

The DANISH Product Standard was developed following close consultation with our business partners, customers and consumers in the many markets where Danish pork and bacon are sold and is ample evidence of a commitment to maintaining these high standards in the future.


Updated 23. May 2023

Responsible Soy in DANISH-approved herds

anish Agriculture supports FEFAC – the European feed industry’s work to strengthen the framework for responsible soy. Therefore, FEFAC’s Soy Sourcing Guidelines are also the reference framework for the purchase of responsible soy. Thus, Danish agriculture has made an agreement that all soy in 2025 must be responsibly produced.

The Pig Producer’s responsibility

The control scheme for the purchase of responsible soy is part of the DANISH Product Standard.

It is the responsibility of DANISH approved pig producers to order feed that complies with the requirements agreed in agriculture. This is fulfilled by choosing a feed supplier that meets the requirements and is listed in the positive list below.

Supplier’s responsibility

Companies that supply soy, or products containing soy, must document that they comply with the agreement and the implementation plan contained in the agreement (minimum proportion of responsible soy).

The implementation plan is: 2021 = 20 %, 2022 = 40 %, 2023 = 60 %, 2024 = 80 % and 2025 = 100 %.

The documentation is a signed Declaration of Accession, in which the company also undertakes to submit an annual auditor’s statement, which explains the mass balance in relation to the purchase and sale of responsible soy. This mass balance must follow the implementation plan of the agreement. The Declaration of Accession is sent to Danish Agriculture & Food Council, which can document to the DANISH department that the companies comply with the agreements and can be entered on Danish Agriculture & Food Council positive list for companies that comply with the agreement on responsible soy.

The responsibility of intermediaries

As a trading company that sells soy or products containing soy to Danish pig producers, and which solely buys soy from companies listed on the positive list, a statutory declaration must be completed and submitted before you can access the positive list.


During DANISH visits, pictures will be taken of one or more package leaflets from products containing soy. Subsequently, it is checked by an independent third party whether the feed company is on the positive list in relation to the agreement on responsible soy.

Companies on the positive list must submit an annual auditor’s statement that explains the mass balance in relation to the purchase and sale of responsible soy. This mass balance must at least follow the implementation plan in the agreement.

By complying with the agreement, the company remains on the positive list. By failing to comply with the agreement, the company will be removed from the positive list, and DANISH approved pig producers may no longer purchase soy or feed containing soy from the company in question.

Updated 23. May 2023
Danish Agriculture & Food Council has introduced a control system to prevent the PED virus from entering Denmark. The scheme is administered by the DANISH Product Standard and largely follows the EU's regulations for the production and storage of blood plasma.


The scheme is administered by the DANISH Product Standard and largely follows the EU’s regulations for the production and storage of blood plasma. Compliance must be documented as follows:

1. Heat treatment at a temperature of at least 80°C throughout and the dried blood and blood plasma must contain no more than 8% moisture with a water activity (AW) of less than 0.60.
2. Storage under dry storage conditions at room temperature for at least 6 weeks

or treatment using an alternative processing method, which complies with current legislation, which must also be documented.


Manufacturers of blood plasma and suppliers of products containing blood plasma must comply with the above requirements and be able to document that they have done so. Having met the requirements, they will be entered on a list of manufacturers of blood plasma and a list of suppliers of products containing blood plasma.

To be sure that the product they buy has been handled in accordance with the regulations, pig producers and feed suppliers can thus select their suppliers from the respective lists.


By signing a declaration of agreement, manufacturers of blood plasma and suppliers of products containing blood plasma assign third party certification bodies the right to check that the stated requirements have been complied with.

Moreover, checks will made through the DANISH standard protocol that on-farm mixers, who buy products containing blood plasma, have purchased from the suppliers on one of the two lists.

Approves suppliers of products containing blood plasma

List of approved suppliers of products containing blood plasma. Pig producers may freely purchase from producers entered on this list.

Navn Adresse Telefon Mail CVR
Agro Service Scandinavien ApS Ny Agersbølvej 21, Lindved, 7100 Vejle 21193810 ej@agro-service.net 30489004
Agronord Amba Silstrupparken 2, 7700 Thisted 97931877 agro-nord@agro-nord.dk 11900771
Brdr. Ewers A/S Ellegårdvej 19, 6400 Sønderborg 74422975 ekspedition@brdr-ewers.dk 45484815
CR Foderservice Huggetvej 27, 5400 Bogense 60681275 nfr@cr-f.dk 33078366
Danish Agro Køgevej 55, 4653 Karise 40307085 chf@danishagro.dk 59789317
Dansk Vilomix A/S Sjellebrovej 10, 8544 Mørke 88875200 fodring@vilomix.dk 70649217
DanVit A/S Borumvej 51, 8381 Tilst 70701540 mail@danvit.dk 33053657
DLG Ballesvej 2, 7000 Fredericia 33683000 dlg@dlg.dk 24246930
Euroduna Technologies GmbH Schusterring 23, 25355 Barmstedt, DE +494123902326 juergen.drewes@euroduna.com DE217898354
H. Bröring GmbH & Co. KG Ladestrasse 2, 49414 Dinklage, DE +494443/970132 j.bjerg@broering.com DE117783923
Himmerlands Grovvarer A/S Hjortkjærsvej 10, 9600 Aars 98622266 tf@himmerlands-grovvarer.dk 29243387
Hornsyld Købmandsgaard A/S Nørregade 28, 8783 Hornsyld 75683000 tsa@hk-hornsyld.dk 45520811
INVE Belgie NV Oeveestraat 7, B-9200 Baasrode, BE +3252331320 y.smet@invebelgie.be BE433580397
Mollerup Mølle A/S Østervang 51, 7900 Nykøbing M 97744311 jorgen@mollerup.dk 51658817
Nutrimin Bodalen 11, 8643 Ans By 87500840 info@nutrimin.dk 28513518
Vestjyllands Andel Vesterkær 16, 6950 Ringkøbing 97321011 vja@vja.dk 61729615
3S a/s Karetmagervej 9, 7000 Fredericia 76707980 pn@3s.dk 12101449
Provimi BV Veerlaan 17-23, 3008 AB Rotterdam, NL +314239500 info@provimi.nl NL002411702B01
Ralco Europe BV Saffierborch 4, 5241 Ln Rosmalen, NL +31859020980 odette@ralcoeurope.com NL82211003gB01
SCA Danmark, Filial af Provimi Limited, England C. F. Tietgensvej 7b, 6000 Kolding 87610727 vagn_lind@cargill.com 31883075
Vejrup Andel Roustvej 241, 6818 Årre 75190054 saas@vejrup-andel.dk 45231712
Vilofoss Ulsnæs 34, 6300 Gråsten +4533685600 vilofoss@vilofoss.dk 82776214

Approves manufacturers of blood plasma

List of approved manufacturers of blood plasma. Feed producers and pig producers may freely purchase from manufacturers entered on this list.

Navn Adresse Telefon Mail CVR
Acontex Gmbh In der Mark 2,
33378 Rheda-Weidenbrück

info@acontex.com DE815113332
APC Europe, S.A. Avd. San Julian 246-258, Pol.Ind.Conost,
08403 Granollers, Spanien
+34938615060 info@apc-europe.com ES A61332318
Badenhop Fleischwerke KG Röngtenstrasse 5, 27283 Verden +49423166421 carsten.freie@badenhop.de DE116729954
DAKA Denmark A/S Dakavej 10, 8723 Løsning +4579284048 rin@daka.dk 33776039
Veos NV Akkerstraat 4A, B8750 Zwevezelle, BE +3251613301 alg@veos.be BE0414304024
Sonac Bad Bramstedt GmbH Tegelbarg 19-21, 24576 Bad Bramstedt, DE +494192503164 r.scheunemann@sonac.de
Sonac Burgum Damsingel 27-30, 9262 NB Sumar, NL +31499364586 pieter.ders@darlingii.com 59078561


If you have any questions regarding blood plasma checks, you can contact:

Asger Kjær Nielsen at akn@lf.dk or by phone +45 3339 4431.

In an agreement between Danish Agriculture & Food Council (DAFC) and the German organisation QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH (QS) regarding feed control, QS sets the same requirements for the Danish pig industry as they do for other pig producing countries that supply live pigs and/or pork to the German market.

In the agreement, QS requires that all feed delivered to DANISH approved herds must be certified. In this context, the definition of feed is:

Feed means raw materials, finished feed, supplementary feed and additives. The requirement applies to everyone who produces and/or sells feed.

Get on the approved list

All feed companies, regardless of whether they are already certified according to one or the other of the two models, must complete and return a declaration regarding 3rd party certified feed before they can appear from the approved list. 

During visits from DANISH, it will be checked whether feed suppliers for DANISH approved herds are listed on the approved list, so fill out the declaration now and submit it to foder@lf.dk.

The approved list - overview of approved feed suppliers

The list is updated with approved suppliers continuously. If necessary, contact your feed suppliers if they do not appear on the list.

Updated 15. December 2023

The DANISH Product Standard version 3.0 is applicable as of 1. July 2023. Certificates issued before this version, are applicable until expiry of the certificate. 

The following attachements are related to the DANISH Product Standard version:

Additional guidelines and overviews.