Updated 5. May 2020

The Danish product standard

DANISH Product Standard is the assurance of the Industry association that the pork production maintains specific standards.

The DANISH Product Standard is founded on five key elements: Responsibility, Quality, Safety, Innovation and the Consumer. These epitomise both the working practices and aspirations of the Danish pig industry.

The DANISH-concept sets high standards to produce pork and bacon products, reflecting both technical know-how and an ability to influence key quality parameters throughout an integrated production chain.

The application of this knowledge allows us to set high and meaningful standards in key areas affecting product quality, taste and safety as well as meeting the requirements for ethical and sustainable production.

The DANISH Product Standard was developed following close consultation with our business partners, customers and consumers in the many markets where Danish pork and bacon are sold and is ample evidence of a commitment to maintaining these high standards in the future.


DANISH Product Standard

DANISH Product Standard - Main document

The DANISH Product Standard version 1.03 is applicable as of 3. February 2020. Certificates issued before this version, are applicable until expiry of the certificate.


Appendix 1: General regulations

Appendix 2: Legislation

Appendix 3: Industry requirements

Appendix 4: Transport

Appendix 5: Document and version overview

Appendix 6: Self audit

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