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Trial report no. 993: Digestibility of soy and rapeseed products for weaned piglets

A digestibility trial with weaned piglets comprising seven soybean and rapeseed protein products formed the basis of a revision of the feed ingredient table. Protein digestibility of HP 300, Vilosoy, AlphaSoy PIG 530, Imcosoy and EP 100 were reduced.


Research showed that the standardised ileal digestibility (SID) of crude protein in conventional dehulled soybean meal is identical to that stated in Danish Pig Research Centre’s feed ingredient table (88.0%). The below table provides the remaining main results of the trial.

Standardised ileal digestibility in weaners of crude protein in HP 300, Vilosoy, AlphaSoy PIG 530, Imcosoy, dehulled soybean meal, Scanola rapeseed expeller and EP 1001.

  HP 300  Vilosoy  AlphaSoy PIG 530  Imcosoy  Conventional dehulled soybean meal  Scanola rapeseed expeller  EP 100 
Protein digestibility  89.9a  85.2abc  86.2ab  82.2bc  88.0ab  79.5c  70.6d 
a-d Means with different superscripts differ significantly (P < 0.05).
1 Data are least square means of 15 observations for all treatments.


With the design of this trial, it was possible to implement SID of crude protein and amino acids for soybean and rapeseed protein products with numerical values in the feed ingredient table. The trial was not designed to analyze productivity and diarrhoea, and the results therefore provide no information on expected productivity or expected effect of the products on, for instance, post-weaning diarrhoea.

Analyses of the development in SID of crude protein for soybean and rapeseed protein products with increasing age of the pigs showed that for both types of products SID of crude protein increases with age. However, the design of the trial did not allow for investigation of this development for each individual soybean and rapeseed protein product. Previous research has not allowed for this either.

In practice, with the new SID values of crude protein and amino acids, soybean protein products in pig feed must be included in slightly higher inclusion rates than today (and a somewhat higher inclusion of EP 100) to reach the desired level of standardised digestible crude protein per feed unit.

For rapeseed expeller and soybean meal, the new standard values for digestibility of amino acids and crude protein were obtained by weighting the new values with 1/3 and the existing values with 2/3.

The trial was conducted at the University of Illinois, the Department of Animal Sciences, Urbana-Champaign, US, using weaned piglets (9.3-19.5 kg) that were surgically quipped with a T-cannula in the end of ileum. SID of crude protein and amino acids and apparent ileal digestibility (AID) of organic matter at the distal ileum were determined for the following soybean and rapeseed protein products: HP 300, Vilosoy, AlphaSoy PIG 530, Imcosoy, conventional dehulled soybean meal, Scanola rapeseed expellers and EP 100. In addition, Enzyme Digestible Organic Matter at ileum (EDOMi) was determined for the diets and compared with AID of organic matter.

Financial support

The trial was financially supported by Hamlet Protein A/S, Dansk Vilomix A/S and the Pig Levy Fund. Activity no.: 051-400870.

Updated: 31.01.2014


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