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Trial report 911: Origina in weaner feed

The addition of Origina to weaner feed had no effect on weaner productivity


In this trial, the product Origina was added to feed for pigs in the age interval 4-10 weeks. Results revealed no effect of this addition on productivity. The trial comprised 582 pigs per group allocated to 42 blocks.

The trial comprised a control group and a trial group given feed containing Origina. The starter diet (given to the pigs the first 12 days of the trial) included 1 kg Origina per tonne feed and the weaner diet 500 g.

Analyses of the feed demonstrated good agreement between the calculated and analysed content of nutrients with the exception of energy. The content of energy was 2-3 feed units (FUgp) below the calculated amount in all diets except for the weaner diet in group 2 in which the amount of feed units corresponded with the calculated amount. 

Financial support

The trial was financially supported by the EU and the Rural District Programme under the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries. Project ID: VSP09/10/52, journal no. 3663-D-10-00460.

Updated: 31.08.2011


Steffen Hansen

Project manager

Tel.: +45 3339 4435