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Trial report 818: Commercial weaner diets purchased in South-East Jutland winter 2007-2008

Commercial weaner diets from 5 companies purchased in South-East Jutland in the winter 2007/08 were studied. An 18% increase in production was obtained with the diets from Danish Agro compared with control.


Commercial weaner diets from five different companies were analysed in this trial. The diets were purchased in South-East Jutland in the winter 2007/08. Weaners given the diets from Danish Agro had a significantly higher production value than weaners given the other diets. There were no differences in production value between the other diets. Pig producers must pay DKK 0 and DKK 30 more per 100 kg of diet 1 and diet 2 from Danish Agro, respectively, compared with the control diets to obtain the same gross margin as when using the control feed.

The aim was to analyse whether there were any differences in production value between diets from different companies. The diets were selected by local pig advisors and were bought via the pig producers without the feedstuff companies knowing they were included in a trial.

Below, the diets included in the trial and the production value index obtained in the trial are shown. The values are calculated using the same prices for all diets. There must be a minimum difference in the production value of 10 index points in order for the difference to be significant.

Producer  Diet 1 (first 14 d post-weaning)  Diet 2  Index PV 
Control  Diet 1  Diet 2  100 
ATR  Prestart Nord  Starter Kvik  104
DLG  Zingro 8 w zinc  Profil 10  103 
Aller Mølle  Weanalink  Rytmikstart  98 
Danish Agro  Prima 6  Guldskatten  118 
Hornshyld Køb Premium w zinc Enzymstart 100

The content of crude protein and essential amino acids in diet 1 for the control group was below the standard, which may have had a marginally negative influence on the pigs’ productivity. Analyses of the diets revealed generally good agreement between the declared values and the analysed content. However, 5.5 FUgp were lacking in Prestart Nord from ATR, and Prima 6 from Danish Agro contained 40% less phytase than declared, and the second delivery of Guldskatten from Danish Agro contained 25% less phytase than declared – all three are deficiencies that would not be approved according to the Danish Feedstuff Act. 


Updated: 04.06.2008


Hanne Maribo

Chief scientist, PhD

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