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Trial report 803: Formi and formic acid for weaners

0.6% Formi and 0.6% formic acid to weaner feed tended to improve PV by 5% compared with control.


The effect of adding Formi and formic acid to weaner feed was studied in one herd. The products were added to diet 1 and diet 2 in doses of 0.6% Formi and 0.6% formic acid. The addition of Formi and formic acid was compared with a control group. The aim of the trial was to document the effect of Formi and formic acid on weaner productivity. The trial comprised 32 blocks and 364 pigs/group.

There were no differences in treatments for diarrhoea or mortality between the pigs given the two diets. However, these were secondary parameters, and the trial was not designed to analyse differences in mortality or treatments for diarrhoea.

Feed analyses revealed good agreement between the calculated and the analysed content of nutrients.

On the basis of the production results, a production value was calculated based on the same feed prices in both groups.

When Formi and formic acid were added to the feed in the entire trial period, the production value tended (p=0.087) to be 5% higher compared with the control group and was 40% higher for diet 1, which was significant.

Overall, there was a positive effect of adding the acid to diet 1 the first two weeks post-weaning as the increased feed price, including the price of Formi and formic acid, was outweighed by an improved productivity. However, there was no advantage in adding the combination of Formi and formic acid to the feed seen over the entire trial period. 


Updated: 06.12.2007


Hanne Maribo

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Dorthe K. Rasmussen

Project Manager, Ph.D.

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