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Trial report 789: EggsTend 88 in weaner feed

The inclusion of EggsTend 88 to weaner feed did not affect productivity. 2,500 ppm zinc in the feed the first 14 d post-weaning significantly reduced diarrhoea and improved productivity.


The addition of EggsTend 88 to weaner feed was investigated in one herd. The product consists of spray-dried whole eggs laid by SPF hens immunised with isolated E. coli strains from pigs. The product was mixed with 50% dextrose to make it soluble in water. EggsTend 88 was added to diet 1, which was used the first 14 days post-weaning. The addition of EggsTend 88 was compared with a control group where the feed contained 2500 ppm zinc prescribed by the vet (subsequently called 2500 ppm zinc) and a control group with no additional zinc the first 14 days post-weaning. All pigs in the trial were given the same feed from 7 to 12 weeks of age. All diets were produced as pelleted basic diets, were then ground, and finally the products were added.

The aim of the trial was to document the effect of the products on weaner productivity. The trial comprised 28 blocks, 15 pigs/group, and the three diets listed below (used the first two weeks post-weaning):

Group 1:  Control + 2500 ppm zinc prescribed by the vet 
Group 2:  Control with no additional zinc 
Group 3:  Control including 0.4% EggsTend 88 and with no additional zinc 

EggsTend 88 is produced by the Danish company Scanimal Health and was mixed in ground pelleted feed that was not heat-treated as EggsTend 88 does not tolerate heating above 70°C. Feed analyses revealed good correspondence between the calculated content and the analysed content of nutrients.

Based on the production results obtained in the trial, the production value was calculated with the same price for all three groups. The production value is an expression of all productivity figures in one value.

The use of EggsTend 88 in weaner feed the first 14 days post-weaning did not improve the productivity and health of the pigs compared with the control group where the pigs were not given 2500 ppm zinc in the feed. However, the pigs given 2500 ppm zinc the first 14 days post-weaning had a significantly better productivity and a lower frequency of treatments for diarrhoea compared with the pigs that were not given additional zinc in the feed. There was a high level of health in this trial.


Updated: 25.06.2007


Hanne Maribo

Chief scientist, PhD

Tel.: +45 3339 4390