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Trial report 787: Commercial weaner diets purchased on Zealand in the winter 2006-2007

Weaner diets were purchased from 5 different companies in the winter 2006/07. The trial revealed that the diets from ØA improved production value signigificantly compared with control as well as the other diets.


Weaner diets from five different companies were investigated in this trial. The diets were purchased on Zealand in the winter 2006/07.

The aim was to analyse whether there were any differences between the diets in production value. The diets were chosen by regional pig advisors and were purchased via pig producers without the companies knowing that the diets were included in a trial.

In the table below, the diets used in the trial and the production value obtained by the pigs given the individual diets are shown. There must be a minimum difference of 10 index points in order for a difference to be significant.

Company  Diet 1 (<9 kg)  Diet 2 (>9 kg)  Index production value 
Control Diet 1 Diet 2 100
DLG  Grisette Acid F1  Deluxe Start 9  97 
Roskilde Andel  KanonStart  Start II Piller  92
SAG Dalmose  Superstart Antonius  Startpiller Antonius  108 
ØA  Prima 7  Unik Total  119 
SAB  Bio Start 3  Prima Start  103 

The trial revealed that the significantly best production value was achieved when the diets Prima 7 and Unik Total from ØA were used. The improved production value is due to a significantly better feed conversion and a high daily gain in the weaner period. This improvement in productivity means that a pig producer can pay DKK 2 and DKK 18 more, respectively, per 100 kg of diet 1 and diet 2 from ØA compared with the control feed.

The diet from SAG Dalmose resulted in a significantly better production value compared with the diets from DLG and Roskilde Andel. This was also due to a better feed conversion and a higher daily gain in the weaner period.

There were significantly more treatments for diarrhoea among the pigs given the diets from SAB compared with the pigs given the diets from ØA. There were no differences between the other groups.

Nutrient analyses revealed good agreement in general between the declared nutrient content and the analysed content of energy, crude protein and lysine.

Roskilde Andel, ØA and SAG have subsequently merged to Danish Agro. 


Updated: 16.05.2007


Hanne Maribo

Chief scientist, PhD

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