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Trial report 1148: OVN vitamin concept from DSM improves production in feed for piglets

The high vitamin levels recommended by DSM led to improved productivity and higher production value compared to the official Danish vitamin standards.


The effect of DSM’s Optimum Vitamin Nutrition concept (OVN) was studied at SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre’s trial station Grønhøj in a trial comprising two groups of pigs: one group fed according to DSM’s OVN concept and one fed according to the Danish vitamin standards. The trial comprised approximately 1,250 pigs in each group and 102 replicates.

The results revealed that:

  • DSM’s recommendation for vitaminisation in feed for piglets referred to as "The Optimum Vitamin Nutrition (OVN)" significantly improved all production traits as well as the production value compared to the Danish standards
  • Some but not the entire difference in productivity was due to an unintentional high amino acid concentration in the OVN diets
  • There were no differences in the health status or mortality between the two groups
  • The vitamin content in blood plasma and liver tissue over time and the difference in vitamin content between the two groups evolved differently from vitamin to vitamin

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Click here to download the entire trial report.


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Author: Jesper Poulsen / / +45 3339 4320

Updated: 19.09.2018