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Trial report 960: No effect on finisher productvity of Econase XT

The addition of Econase XT to finisher feed with either wheat or rye as primary grain ingredient did not improve FCR.


Finishers fed a diet to which the carbohydrate-splitting enzyme Econase XT was added did not perform better than pigs fed a diet without Econase XT. The effect of adding Econase XT was not influenced by whether wheat or rye was the primary grain ingredient.

Pig Research Centre investigated the effect of adding Econase XT to finisher feed with a high content of wheat or rye on one farm where 100 g Econase XT was added to each tonne of finished feed corresponding to an enzyme activity of 16,000 BXU/kg feed. Econase XT is approved in the EU for use in feed for weaners and finishers in a minimum inclusion rate of 24,000 BXU/kg feed, but AB Vista wishes to reduce this inclusion rate for finishers. The effect on productivity of adding Econase XT was compared with a control group without Econase XT.

Nutrient analyses demonstrated good agreement between the declared and analysed nutrient content, and confirmed the declared enzyme activity of Econase XT.

Results revealed no differences in production value between trial and control diets, demonstrating overall that there is no profit in adding Econase XT (16,000 BXU/kg feed) to finisher feed. It is therefore not profitable to add Econase XT to finisher feed in the inclusion rate investigated in this trial. It remains unclear whether productivity may be affected by adding 24,000 BXU/kg feed.

Fnancial support

The project was financially supported by the Pig Levy Fund, the EU and the Rural District Programme under the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.
Activity no.: 051-400830, journal no.: 32101-U-12-00227

Updated: 07.02.2013


Dorthe K. Rasmussen

Project Manager, Ph.D.

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