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Trial report 877: Effect of Fresta® F Plus on ammonia emissions

The addition of Fresta®F Plus to finisher feed did not significantly reduce ammonia emissions, and no differences were found on pH in slurry.


The effect of Fresta® F Plus on ammonia emissions from finisher facilities was investigated in co-operation with the Austrian company DELACON Biotechnik GmBH that produces Fresta® F Plus. The addition of 150 mg Fresta® F Plus per kg feed did not result in significant differences in ammonia emissions between the control and trial sections. Nor did the results show any significant differences in pH in the slurry.

Fresta® F Plus consists of saponins and ethereal oils, and supposedly inhibits the urease activity in pig slurry. This will reduce the transformation of the urea in the urine to ammonium ions and carbonate ions, which will then reduce pH and ammonium concentrations in the slurry resulting in a lower emission of ammonia from the pig house.

Fresta® F Plus is also supposed to improve digestibility of the feed and thereby also improve the pigs’ productivity, but the trial was not designed to document improvements in productivity.

The trial was conducted in six identical sections with 32 place units each for finishers. Each section was divided into two pens. Three sections functioned as trial sections and three as control sections. The trial comprised a total of 192 pigs. 

Financial support

The trial was financed partly by DELACON Biotechnik GmBH and received financial support from the Pig Levy Fund and the EU and the Rural Development Programme under the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and has project ID DSP09/10/58 and file no. 3663-D-07-00234.



Updated: 27.01.2011


Michael Holm

Project Manager

Tlf.: 3339 4387