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Trial report 828:CLA for finishers from approx. 4 wks before slaughter

Finishers given 0.5% Lutalin had a 12% higher PV than the control pigs. The greatest effect was seen among castrates that had a higher lean meat % and FCR. Fat quality improved as iodine number increased by 7 units.


The trial started when the pigs were transferred to the finisher facility at an average weight of 29.6 kg.

The pigs in the trial group were given CLA in the feed in the form of 0.5% LutalinTM (60% CLA) from they weighed averagely 62.8 kg. The pigs in the control group were slaughtered at an average live weight of 107 kg and the trial pigs at av. 109 kg.

The pigs given CLA had a significantly higher production value (av. +12%) compared with the pigs in the control group. The effect was significant for the castrates where the improvement was 17%. Among female pigs the improvement was 7%, which was not significant. This was primarily due to a significantly better feed conversion and a higher lean meat percentage among the castrates. With these differences in productivity, a finisher diet to which 0.5% LutalinTM is added can cost DKK 10 more per 100 FUgp corresponding to a max. price of LutalinTM of DKK 20/kg. However, if the same feed is only used for castrates, the feed can cost DKK 12 more per 100 FUgp corresponding to DKK 24/kg LutalinTM. However, this excess price requires that the pigs be sorted according to gender and be fed at pen level.

There were no differences in health status between the two groups in this trial.

The iodine number of the loin fat of female pigs was reduced by eight units and by five units in castrates. This indicates that the fat in the carcass of the pigs given CLA was more saturated than the fat of the pigs given the control feed. The content of intramuscular fat in the loin was highest among the pigs given CLA in the feed, whereas there were no differences in drip loss. 


Updated: 06.01.2009


Hanne Maribo

Chief scientist, PhD

Tel.: +45 3339 4390