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Trial report 826: Bergazym P in feed mixed on-farm

When added to finisher feed mixed on-farm, the xylanase product Bergazym P did not improve the production value compared with the control group.


The effect of adding the xylanase product Bergazym P to finisher feed was studied in one herd. 250 g Bergazym P was added per tonne finished feed corresponding to an enzyme activity of 1500 EPU (Endo-Pentosanase Units). This was compared with a control group in which the pigs were not given enzyme. The trial comprised 42 blocks and 836 pigs/group.

Feed analyses revealed good agreement between the calculated and analysed content of nutrients. However, the analysed enzyme activity varied greatly between the groups.

Overall, the trial demonstrated that there is no gain from adding Bergazym P to the feed as the production values for both the trial group and the control group were identical. Nor was there any effect on gain, feed conversion ratio and lean meat percentage. 


Updated: 24.09.2008


Dorthe K. Rasmussen

Project Manager, Ph.D.

Phone: (+45) 3339 4442