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Visit our showroom with farrowing pens for loose sows

10 different farrowing pens for loose sows are being tested in cooperation with a Danish pig producer. The research centre can be visited, but all visits have to be confirmed in advance.

The Danish pig industry has set a goal that 10 % of all nursing sows must be accommodated in a loose housed system by 2021, as a part of the efforts to reach the goal SEGES Pig Research Centre (PRC) has built a research centre in cooperation with a Danish pig producer.

The aim of the product test is to increase the synergy and progress in the development of sturdy and competitive farrowing pens for loose sows. Furthermore, the research centre will help pig producers to decide on a farrowing pen for loose sows.

The ten different types of farrowing pens are tested by employees from SEGES Pig Research Cen-tre. And the focus of the product test is:

  • The entrance and exit conditions for the sow and the staff in the pen
  • Usage of confinement
  • Space for the sow and piglets in the pen
  • The arrangement and usage of the creep area
  • Provision of feed, water, nesting material, occupation and rooting material
  • The hygiene in the pen
  • Injuries on the sow and piglets
  • Work conditions and safety for the employees

Farrowing pens included in the product test:

  • ACO Funki (Welsafe)
  • Big Dutchman (Free Move)
  • Bopil (BeFree)
  • Jyden (JLF14-sideways)
  • Midland Pig (360) from the UK
  • STEWA (WING) from Austria
  • Søren Juul Jensen (Well-Fair-Pen)
  • Vereijken Hooijer (Pro Dromi 1,5) from the Netherlands
  • Vissing Agro (Opti Farrow)
  • VSP/KU (SWAP version 2)

PLEASE READ: Information on the pens tested at the research centre

Booking of visits and visiting days

Visitors are welcome at the research centre. However, all visits must be scheduled/booked in advance by contacting chief scientist Lisbeth Ulrich Hansen, SEGES Pig Research Centre, at Note that visitors must await confirmation from Lisbeth Ulrich Hansen before visiting the centre.

Meeting time is 30 min. before entering the farm site – showering and changing clothes. The visit lasts 2 hours. There will be no guide on the tour; but information material will be available in the meeting facilities.

We can only accept 15 visitors at any one time.

The showroom is open for at limited time at these visiting dates:

19., 21., 26., 28.

3., 26., 31.

2., 7. 

Rules of visiting

Access to Showroom:

  • 48 hours from visiting a farm outside Denmark
  • 24 hours from crossing the Danish boarder
  • 12 hours from  visiting a farm in Denmark

The evaluation of the ten farrowing pens will be published at the end of 2017. The farrowing pens will be described and evaluated in relation to the staff, the sow and the piglets. The evaluation is conducted from a test record compiled by PRC. Due to an inadequate data-foundation litter results, from the different farrowing pens, are not compared.

The research centre is funded by SAF and PRC.

Updated: 19.12.2016